The Schwarzhorn natural high-ropes adventure park nestles between the three Kaiserberg mountains, right on the “Schwarzhorn” (Rechbergle). There are more than 25 exciting obstacles waiting to be overcome at breath-taking heights, though some are at ground level. Kitted out with specialist high ropes equipment (PSA) you conquer challenges with weird names such as "dr´Schwarzhorn Pol", "s´Hennawegle", "dr´Froschsprung", "s´Päklesnetz", "d´Stäffala" and the "Äfflesschaukel". Your day will look totally different from a height of up to 14 metres! One minute you’re practically in the sky and then it’s quite a relief to come down to earth again. Overcoming obstacles leaves you with an incredibly euphoric feeling of achievement.


As with other outdoor activities, there aren’t many occasions when bad weather prevents you enjoying the aerial adventure. We only cancel in the case of violent storms, thunderstorms and hail – which luckily don’t happen very often. If impossible weather conditions do force us to cancel a date, we will of course try to find an alternative date for you.


Winter in the high-ropes adventure park? Of course – why not? With warm clothes, gloves and hats it’s not a problem at all. The views are phenomenal, and it is such good fun.



Our nature high-ropes adventure park

will be an unforgettable experience for a group. We welcome groups of 10 or more: two safety trainers will explain the safety equipment and will be with you throughout the day. We climb every path with you, horizontal and vertical, and bring you safely down to earth again.  

What we offer:

•    an obstacle course with 17 exercises to be completed
•    three permanently fixed team elements – a challenge the group has to overcome as a team
•    many other options we are able to arrange for you

Have a think about what you want this day to achieve, and what kind of goals you want for your group. Talk to us about it – we will be happy to advise.