The ruins of Rechberg

a fabulous place to visit.   
You have a fabulous view of the Remstal (valley) from here.  

This is where you can see how Barbarossa and his royal friends lived all those hundreds of years ago. A journey back in time to the wild years of the middle ages.



Walk in faith

Pilgrimage routes are a joint tourist project run by the towns of Schwäbisch Gmünd, Göppingen, Heubach and Lauterstein together with the districts of Waldstetten, Bartholomä, Essingen and Ottenbach.
The “Glaubenswege” pilgrimage route guide covers the most delightful countryside in  Baden-Württemberg, namely the region of  "Drei-Kaiser-Berge/Kaltes Feld/Albuch". With its numerous hiking trails and cycle routes, this area has already been the subject of many hiking guides.  But with this new guide, the publishers want to give visitors the opportunity of combining hiking and nature with a closeness to faith and spirituality.

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I love to go a-wandering ...

There is such a lot to explore on all the hiking routes here in the Staufer region. There is a  gliding centre on the Hornberg, the Knorzerhaus on the Kalte Feld mountain is a great place to stop for a meal, there’s a wonderful view of the Remstal from Stauferkreuz on Rechberg and so on and so on …  
Just come and visit us and see for yourself as you hike through this fabulous countryside.

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Waldstetten district

Right at the centre of the Staufen region near the Dreikaiserberge (three imperial mountains), this district has exceptional leisure facilities all year round. There is a very good network of paths that runs through this fabulously beautiful countryside. And Waldstetten, Wißgoldingen and Weilerstoffel are the starting point for no fewer than 5 circular trails of the  "Glaubenswege" pilgrimage routes – perfect enjoyment and relaxation for both body and soul.




NATURATUM adventure forest

The NATURATUM adventure forest is a 2.5 km marked circular route in the Taubental leisure forest near Schwäbisch Gmünd. There are 20 stations on the route where visitors are encouraged to explore, learn and play in the forest, solving problems, demonstrating skills and having a lot of fun. The whole route is accessible for pushchairs. 

there is more to see and explore. At the whole area round the Staufer mountains has joined forces to give you a lot of interesting information.